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Joint Statement του “Global Network of Societies for International Law” (GBSIL)



As scholarly societies whose purposes are the pursuit of knowledge about, and the promotion of, international law, we firmly condemn the breaches of international law that have occurred in the last few days. They have made the world come back to an international armed conflict that disrespects the core rules of the international legal order.

Therefore, we strongly support the Ukrainian Association of International Law and share its call for respect for fundamental values of international law, human rights and democracy (

We recall our common Statement adopted at the Second World Meeting (2-3 September 2019) on the current crisis of international law, which states: “After the Second World War, international law has been established mainly on three pillars: the collective security system, multilateralism and the protection of human rights” ( Today, we also strongly stress the importance of international law core principles: the prohibition of the use of force, States’ territorial sovereignty and integrity, the rules of international humanitarian law, the peaceful settlement of international disputes.

Together, we are deeply committed to fostering respect for and the development of international law, and accordingly:

- We call to the full respect of international humanitarian law and human rights, in particular the right to life.

- We support the use of all legal means for international law to prevail, and the restoration of confidence in international law as a means of securing peace.

- We pledge to collaborating to propose legal solutions to resolve the current situation in Ukraine and to thinking about possible legal reforms to improve the rule of law for the future.

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